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Maroun Ajaka for Family Court

Maroun Ajaka

for Family Court 2023
The Power to Dream
The Experience to Lead

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Organizational Endorsements

Professional Endorsements

Adam Bello

County Executive

Hon. Patricia Gallaher

 Family Court Judge(Ret)

Harry Bronson, NY State Assemblymember

"This election, our community has an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our children and families by electing Maroun Ajaka to Family Court. As a Family Court Judge, Maroun Ajaka will truly make that difference. As an immigrant to the United States, Maroun understands that with the right amount of encouragement, the proper expectations,  and an opportunity, we can make dreams possible. I am proud to stand with Maroun Ajaka because he understands the challenges our families face and the experience to find solutions. Please join me in casting your vote this Election Day for Maroun Ajaka for Family Court Judge." Assemblymember Harry Bronson

Hon. Richard Dollinger, Court of Claims Justice(Ret)